The project proposal is the outcome of the necessity to improve the already used therapeutic methods and moreover tp explorere. exchange amd experoience new ones. Each partner organisation has its own approach (ippotherapy, therapeutic riding), follows different therapeutic method, works with different target groups, works in different cultural and socieconomic environment.
Each organisation follows different working methods, has different priorities and training system for the trainers and the volunteers who suppport its activities.
All the involved partners believe that it is important for our development and improvement to create a common space in order to learn from each orher, discuss the different working and therapeutc methods, compare them and finally come out with some good practices guidelines.
The organisations which are involved in the proposed project are from Greece, Croatia, Italy and Turkey.

Everybody who participates in the proposed project will have the opportunity to gain knowledge, visit different therapeutic centres and exchange with others their experience. They will also have the possitbillity to think how they can apply this knowledge and experience to their daily work. They will be more competitive in the socioeconomic environment since they would have improved their competencies and abillities.  Concerning the involved partners they will improve their methods and possibvly expand their work field or include it in their next plan of action. Also they will enhance their between relations and keep the partnership in the future.


TRAG ( Therapeutic Riding Association of Greece ) is active from 1992 in field of rehabilitation & education of Disabled People and specifically in Therapeutic Riding. It occupies 7 regular employees of different professions and more than 50 volunteers working weekly. The horse is used as an important member of therapeutic team. Our dream is that therapeutic riding will become a well established, recognizes treatment in Greece and in all over the world, in the field of health and education as well. In this spirit, TRAG organizes seminars about: horses and their welfare, different disorders & special training in TR. Experts from Greece and International Congress of Therapeutic Horse Riding this year in Athens. It has participated in European and International programs of education adn culture exchanges. TRAG is accredited as hosting EVS organization. In the proposed project TRAG is the coordinator organization and be responsible for the implementation of the proposed project. Our organization will organise the meetings in Greece and take care of the production of final result of the project.

Legal representative: Mrs Dimitra Karauzaki, President


KRILA is active from 1995 in the field of rehabilitation of disable people and specifically in Therapeutic riding. We are one of two first organizations which work only for people with disabilities with horses in Croatia. Now we occupies 8 regular employees of different professions and more than 80 volunteera working weekly. The horse is used as an established, recognized treatment in Croatia, in field of health and education as well. In the proposed project KRILA is one of the partner organisations and be responsible for parts of the project. Our organization will organise the study visit in Croatia and be involved of the production of final result of the project.

Legal representative: Mr Saša Tuksar, President


Associazione Anche noi a cavallo is a non profit organisation working in the field of therapeutic riding and educational riding since 1987. It occupies various different professionals (coordinator, specialized riding instructors for disabled people, physiotherapist, vaulting instructor, vet, psychiatrist) and numerous volunteers including an EVS volunteer since 2006. Weekly there are between 80 and 100 people coming to ride at our riding school and during summer hollidays we organise summer day camps with educational activities for children up to 11 years of age. Our seven horses are part of the team, trained specially for the riding activities for disabled people and small children through the Linda Tellington training system. At the moment there are also 4 disadvantaged and socially excluded people working at the organisation helping with keeping the premises, stables and horses, cleaning the office and helping out with other jobs.

Legal representative: Mrs Marianne Muntendam, EVS and Project Coordinator


The role we have in this project is to have people be aware of the therapeutic riding especially the owners of the ranges here in the region and organize therapeutic riding which we think will be beneficial and helpful for the disadvataged people. Since Cappadocia is a touristic place, this project will be beneficial for vocational school and the students and for the other partners in the project.. Tourism is of vital importance for the future of our area. Therefore, after the project, therapeutic riding will be another attractive activitiy especially for the disadvantaged people and not just for those who live in Cappadocia, but also in Turkey and in all over the world.

Legal representative: Mr Mustafa Koyuncu

Coordinator´s meeting in Athens 20-23 September 2012

Participants (KRILA) - Saša Tuksar, President, Ljiljana Kraljević, ippotherapyst


1. Diversity and variety of disabilities treated in our center
2. Practicies and methods applied in Therapeutic Riding
3. Training for trainers and necessary qualifications of them
4. Training for volunteers
5. Sports riding for people with disabilities
6. Organizing the "well being" of a center
7. The importance of client file organization (before-during-after treatment)
8. Applying Yoga in Therapeutic Riding
9. Ways of avoiding a standstill in the therapeutic and educational process
10. Educational Therapeutic Horse Riding and Autism

Partneri, sponzori i donatori


KRILA – TERAPIJSKO JAHANJE je korisnik institucionalne podrške Nacionalne zaklade za razvoj civilnog društva za stabilizaciju i/ili razvoj udruge

Gradski ured za socijalnu zaštitu i osobe s invaliditetom

Gradski ured za poljoprivredu i šumarstvo

Gradski ured za obrazovanje, kulturu i sport